Brian Kelly Wedding Videography

2131 Woodruff Road
Greenville, SC 29607

Fortunately, AVF Wedding and Event Videography uses professional equipment (including High Definition Cameras, if desired), and our experienced staff of videographers know how to use it from years of formal training, filming hundreds of weddings, covering hundreds of live events (including professional cycling events - do you know how fast those guys go and how unpredictable their movements are - especially when you are filming from a moving vehicle?), as well as producing dozens of broadcast television programs (including several national award winners). High Quality Audio is as important as the imagery of the video. Wireless microphones capture all the important audio in crytal clear clarity, from the vows to the whispers while lighting the unity candle. Ever been to a wedding where you can't hear the bride and groom? Surprising enough, that's pretty much how it is at EVERY wedding. By placing a wireless mic on both the Groom and the Officiant, you'll be able to enjoy every word

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