Charleston Uplighting, LLC

P.O. Box 42853
Charleston, SC 29423

Additional Descriptions of our Services… 

Full Room Uplighting
The use of uplighting in any room will completely transform the space and take it to a whole new realm.

Cake Pin Spotting
Make your wedding cake the star it deserves to be with the use of pin spotting.

Tent Top Lighting
Transforms your tent ceiling into an elegant extension of your decor.

Under Table Lighting
Head or sweetheart tables really come to life with under the table lighting to set the bridal party apart from the rest.

Dance Floor Wash
Define your dance-floor with the use of color/pattern lighting also an excellent accompaniment to custom GOBO monogramming.

Custom GOBO Monogramming
Custom initials in your choice of font will add elegance to a wall or dance floor.

Cafe / String Lighting
Our string / café lighting brings an elegant glow to any event inside or out.

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