Old Wide Awake Plantation

5149 Trexler Avenue
Hollywood, SC 29449

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Depicted above in “Phase 3” of this historic home’s life, Old Wide Awake was originally located a few hundred yards from where it sits now. The original home site was inside what is now “Wide Awake Park.”

Perched high on her bluff overlooking the Stono River, also known as the Intracoastal Waterway, at the start of the 1800s she served as a 24-hour general store for the Ferry that docked on her property. The 24-hour ferry carried people from the mainland over to what is now John’s Island.

It’s unclear just how long the “convenience store” operated, but it’s reasonable to deduce that after the ferry stopped running the store also eventually stopped operating.

The property changed hands a few times throughout the following decades. In 1974, William Jarvis – a local business owner of a telecom company – purchased the estate as a weekend getaway for his wife and 10 children. The estate on the bluff remained in the Jarvis family well after their father passed away. But in 1992, several of the children decided they wanted to sell and so the parcels of land on the riverfront were divided from the rest and the property was sold. Apparently unaware of the historical significance of the building that stood on his new property, the new owner decided to tear down the house and make room for a much larger, more modern home.

Two of the Jarvis sons, Tim and Dennis, struck a deal with the buyer and purchased the home for $1.00. With considerable engineering help, they had the historical home moved to its present location, still on the original parcel of land purchased by William Jarvis in 1974.

Eventually, the new buyer of the property changed his mind about building a big new house on the bluff. Instead, he donated what is now “Wide Awake Park” to the town of Hollywood.

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